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Prepare for your Costa Rica Adventure Travel


How do I prepare for my upcoming vacation?

Banana Adventure Tours would like to help you plan your trip abroad and stay safe during your vacations. Some of the advice we can give you are before you go:


  • Get the information about the nearest embassy, in Costa Rica or in the countries you will be visiting. For more information about your embassy in Costa Rica, you may visit the web page of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.
  • It is better to travel with an international insurance that will cover you for any activity you may do during your vacations.
  • Get the vaccinations you may need before you travel. For example, for some countries, such as Colombia, you may need to get the Yellow Fever Vaccination. It may vary according with the time of your trip, but make sure you ask.
  • Make sure you have the information about visas that you may need to travel to Costa Rica, or any country during your trip. Also check that your passport is valid, if you do not have one yet, you may want to apply for it as soon as possible.
  • Check the entry requirements for the country you are visiting. For Costa Rica, you need a valid passport for six months. Also you need a print flight itinerary with the return flight back to your country.
  • Get photocopies of your passport and any other important documents and have it store in a place separate to the originals.
  • Inform a relative or friend about your trip and make sure you specify when you are living and how much time you will be away.
  • Take enough money in cash for your travel, in case you encounter any trouble. You can have a combination of travelers check, cash, and international credit cards.
  • If you want to know some travel advice about Costa Rica, you may enter the Summary of the consular assistant department. You can also read a little more the country in Costa Rica Travel Tips.
  • Investigate if your mobile service works outside the country, and specifically in Costa Rica.
  • Tell your credit card company that you will be out of the country, so they will not close your account as a security measure.
  • During your trip, don’t openly display your valuables. That way you will stay safe.
  • Make sure you know about the regulations for food and water. There are some countries where tap water is not safe. In Costa Rica, tap water is safe; however, you may want to buy bottle water to avoid any traveler disease.

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 Written by Caro Goodfellow
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