In order to enjoy your vacations in Costa Rica it is important to be prepared for you days full of adventures. Costa Rica has many nice hikes and for sure during your trip you will enjoy some of the best. Among the top ten hikes in Costa Rica are:

  1. Chirripo National Park: It is one of the toughest hikes in Costa Rica. You need at least 4 days to enjoy this hike and  get the most out of it.
  2. Tenorio National Park: Hike along the border of Rio Celeste, and visit the sky blue waterfall. The hike is around 7 km.
  3. Cerro Chato: Located on La Fortuna, Alajuela, it is a nice hike to the top of an extinct crater, which is now a small laggon.
  4. Toro Amarillo Waterfall: It is a tough hike because of the terrain, but it is not to long in distance. You get to see this wonderful waterful from its bottom up.

There are many others, some are national parks trails and others are local hikes where you will see natural wonders as well.


When you choose a hike, please take into consideration the following tips:

  • Nice water supply: It is essential that you are prepare with pure and fresh water before you begin. Hydratation beverages are overrated, so water is the best!
  • Comfortable socks and shoes: This is something very important to have a happy hike. Choose some shoes that are specially for hiking. Avoid heavy boots or tennis that will make difficult your hike.
  • Use Nylon hiking pants, some basic model with the extra pockets only. Avoid using jeans which are heavy and when they get wet they are unbearable.
  • Nourishment: Always take some food along. It is important to keep your energy level high and you wont go hungry on the middle of the hike. 
  • Before leaving for your hike use sun block and repellent, so you will enjoy your hike with no mosquito bites or insolation.


Written by Caro Goodfellow

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