5 Things you DONT need to pack

Pack lighty for Costa Rica


One of the first questions we are always asked is "What do I need to pack?", and to answer that question we just put together the best "What to wear? Information" that a Costa Rica's visitor may need. But, there are some things that truly are not necessary or not recommended to pack to come to Costa Rica or even to travel to any other country.

A big huge bag could be bothersome when you are traveling for 8 days on a different country. Most clothes that a person may bring to Costa Rica are never used and they are just taking a lot of space and also may imply an extra charge on your way back to your country because of overweight bags.


  • A huge stash of toiletries is too much to pack. Just pack the essentials, and buy what you need as you go. Bring only some skin moisturizer, mosquito repellent and sunblock. Also deodorant and toothpaste will be perfect.
  • Make Up and Jewelry. It is not necessary and will make you worry about where to leave it and how to keep it safe. Just enjoy your time at the beach and mountain without a huge stash of makeup. When you plan to come to Costa Rica, you will be probably be booking also adventure tours, a time on the Hot Springs and the beach and hikes on the forest. Make up and jewelry are not a good idea for our tropical weather and outdoor activities.
  • Electric toothbrush or electric coffee grinder. Keep it simple, and enjoy the great Costa Rican coffee. Actually, you wont have time to grind any coffee or to look for an electric outlet to plug your electric toothbrush. It is better to bring a normal toothbrush and to enjoy the wonderful and some times free amazing coffee of Costa Rica.
  • Soap. Dont bring soap, most hotels have it and if they dont it is pretty cheap to buy and less to carry. All mid priced, standard and luxurious hotels have soap and many have shampoo. All hotels also have towels so you don't need to bring any extra towels or sheets, unless it is extremely necessary.
  • High expectations. This is very important.  It’s better to be pleasantly surprised once you arrive rather than expect too much from a city you’ve never explored.


A Principle: Curtis Foreman from Flashpacking Life: Want to cut down on the number of things you bring on your trip?

Here’s a simple suggestion that will both lighten your load and make your trip more memorable:

"Don’t pack anything that might be fun to buy once you arrive." 


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Written by Caro Goodfellow

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