Tenorio Volcano and Celeste River


Mostly unknown, Tenorio Volcano is one of the 7 active volcanoes in Costa Rica. It is located on Alajuela Province just in the border with Guanacaste. There are various ways to visit the National Park where the volcano lies; it can be from Bijagua Town or La Fortuna, among others. The Celeste River is an amazing jewel product of the combination of two different rivers coming from the volcano that carry special chemicals. When the combine, there is a chemical reaction that produces the wonderful color the entire river is: celeste or light blue.

Once in the National Park, there is a trail of 7 kilometers where the visitors can enjoy the cold beautifully colored waters of the river and see other interesting points along the way, such as the natural thermal waters, the fumarolas, and the beginning of the river, etc.


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 Rio Celeste - Tenorio National Park