The biggest indigenous Reserve in Costa Rica


 The town has all the services that a visitor may need. Just outside the town, there is a river that connects with a smaller river called Yorkin that divides the land between Costa Rica and Panama. The indigenous reserve Yorkin is a small group of houses, with a primary school and a small Pulperia. It has a couple of touristic very rustic lodges as well.

The indigenous Bri Bris are also called the the people of cocoa, because their economy lies on the production and commercialization of chocolate.

Arriving there is all an adventure. The ride in a boat through the Yorkin River is a wonderful adventure, and then the walk to the rustic lodge. In there, the visitors enjoy the experience of living like the indigenous people do. The food, the music and everything is just different.

Among the tours offered in the site, are the chocolate tour and the hike through the forest to the other reserve in Panama, where the Guaymis live.

Visitors should plan a visit at least for two days and one night. The trip is long but worthed.


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 Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve