Time to see the whales jump


During the main seson for whales in Costa Rica some of the whales that can be seen at the Pacific waters are: the blue whale, fin whales, the Sei whales (endangered) and the sperm whale. There are other incredible creatures, such as the Orca could also be seen in Costa Rican waters, even though they prefer colder waters.  Also, the biggest dolphins at the sea: the pilot whales, are seen in the Pacific waters.

Normally, the whale watching tours leave from the Marino Ballena National Park. It is located in the Pacific coast and it is a beautiful place where on the right season visitors could watch dolphins, stingrays jumping out of the water, sea turtles, hammerhead shark and humpback whales. The season for humpback whales is from the end of December to April, and from July to September.

Most tours include a time at the beach, boat ride on open sea and some time to do snorkeling. The snorkeling is mostly done on the rocky coasts of the Pacific, where it is easy to see natural caves.

Going in a boat ride out in the see for 4 or 5 hours your chances to see whales and dolphins is great. Dont miss the opportunity to see them jump out of the water and move their tail in the superfice.


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 Whale season in Costa Rica