A little of Costa Rica from real artisands


There are some interesting shopping spots in San Jose. Normally, visitors go to Moravia, which have a few souvenir stores; The Artisand Market in San Jose downtown, and the Central Market. The prices on all three are more or less the same. 

For more ethically responsible souvenir shopping, there is the Souvenir Museum in Alajuela. An organization that helps artisans in Costa Rica to create unique pieces of art is Trades of Hope. Most artisans are poor and make their living selling their creations. Trades of Hope helps them achieve new ways of selling their creations at a fair price.


Around the country, there are a few shopping stops:

  • La Casa del Soñador: in Cartago. This artisan makes sculptures from the root of the coffee plant.
  • Chinamos de Zarcero: To buy local snacks and cheese.
  • Oxcart Factory at Sarchi: also it is the home of the biggest Oxcart and Yoke in the world, built in 2006.The size is around 4 meters long.
  • Biesanz Wood Work: fine wood work in Costa Rica.

The entire economy of the indigenous reserve lies on tourism, and the selling of souvenirs. The Malekus and Bruncas are very known for selling animal mask, very colorful, made out of balsa wood.


Banana Adventure Tour can help you include some of these responsibly trade artisan pieces of art in your vacation. Write us and let us know how you want your vacation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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