San Jose has a few museums that are worth visiting. Without any doubt, the Jade Museum is the best one in Costa Rica. It just reopened its doors with a new focus and great technology for a museum. The Jade museum, also has one of the biggest archeological collections of the country, and it is completely opened for visitors to enjoy.

If you like art, San Jose offers a nice range of options, from museums to art galleries and art cafes. Every couple of months there is a city wide activity named Art City Tour, in which all museums are open for free from 5 to 9 pm, for just one day.


Some of these museums are:

1. Gold and Numismatic Museum of Central Bank
2. Jade Museums
3. National Museums
4. Contemporary Art Museum
5. Costa Rica Art Museum


Even though, Costa Rica does not have many colonial buildings, there are a few of very interesting old buildings that are worth seeing. In San Jose downtown there is Yellow House and the Metal School, which are very interesting. In La Plaza de la Cultura you can find the National Theater, one the jewels of Costa Rica. Also, don´t miss the golden room at the Costa Rican Art Museum. You may want to hop on one of the small buses that go around the city on a very small City Tour, to see all this interesting spots in the city.

Also, there are a few galleries scatter in San Jose that may capture your attention, with new bold artist and very actual topics. If you would like to buy art souvenirs from Costa Rica avoiding commercial souvenir stores, you may want to visit some of the Costa Rican design stores in San Jose. Some of these designing stores are: Arteria, De Aqui y De Alla, Tienda Ñ, and Hola Lola, among others.


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Museo de Arte Costarricense

Museo de Arte Costarricense - La Sabana