LGBT Travel Costa Rica

The LGBT tourism conference took place this year (2016) in Costa Rica. The center conversation in the conference was human rights and tourism, as a way to make stronger conections between the travel bussiness industry.

Banana Adventure Tours a Gay own company offers interesting costume made travel packages in Costa Rica using gay friendly hotels and tour operators. We recently became partners with the Camara de Comercio Diversa (Diverse Commerce Chamber) in Costa Rica - CCDCR.

Accordingwith Wikepedia, LGBT Tourism definition is: "Gay tourism or LGBT tourism is a form of niche tourism marketed to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people", also Intersex is included in the term LGBTI.


LGBT Tourism Activities

We have many options for all interest. Among them are:

  • Family trips for LGBT Families who would like to experience the nature of Costa Rica, including national parks and wildlife refugees.
  • Romantic travel options for gay couples who would like to reconnect and enjoy some night life and adventure activities.
  • LGBTI individuals who have a special interest in one or various of the main activities offered in Costa Rica (adventure and extreme adventure, bird watching, night life, national parks, and culture, among others.
  • Golden age LGBTI people who want to como to Costa Rica and relax at the beach or the forest, thermal waters and spa, among others.


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