A dream place to birdwatching

Such a small country like Costa Rica, with an area of 51.100 km2 (smaller than West Virginia state) is just a nice paradise for bird lovers; it has the greatest density of bird species of any continental Latin American country. Costa Rica is located in the bird-rich neotropical region, which has over 893 different species of birds (the US and Canada have around 925 species), 8 of them are endemic and 19 are globally threatened.

Costa Rica National Bird is the Clay-colored Robin (Yigüirro Turdus Grayi). It was declared the National Bird of Costa Rica on 1977 because of its great number, and beautiful singing that normally begins with the rainy season. The male Yiguirro uses to sings constantly during the begining of the rainy season on the countryside.

According with the field guide "The Birds of Costa Rica", written by Richard Garringues and Robert Dean, around 11% of Costa Rica's avifauna can only be found the Central American isthmus. To be more specific, they can be found in a very limited range of land within the southern half of isthmus. This shows an exceptionally high rate of endemism, even for the neotropics.

Costa Rica offers a wide range of areas where bird lovers can enjoy a wonderful experience. One of the main reasons for the high amount of bird species in Costa Rica is its variety in landscapes, mountain ranges, swamps, mangroves, different kinds of forests and beach areas; many of them protected by National Parks and Wildlife Refugees, private and national reserves, and sanctuaries, etc. For example, imagine a summer day with a great blue sky on an early morning, floating downstream on a boat in Tortuguero Canals, and watching the normal daily life of Costa Ricas most beautiful birds.



  • Mangrove Hummingbird - Amazilia boucardi
  • Alfaro's Hummingbird (extinct?) - Amazilia alfaroana
  • Coppery-headed Emerald - Elvira cupreiceps
  • Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager - Habia atrimaxillaris


  • Cocos Cuckoo - Coccyzus ferrugineus
  • Cocos Flycatcher - Nesotriccus ridgwayi
  • Cocos Finch - Pinaroloxias inornata


Some of the best places in Costa Rica for birding are: Tapanti National Park, Los Quetzales National Park on Cerro de la Muerte, Palo Verde National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and Corcovado National Park among others. Please take a look into our special Costa Rica Birdwatching Adventure, to see places in the country that are not on the most touristic routes, and keeps its natural beauty untouched.


Banana Adventure Tours offers two bird watching routes

  • San Gerardo de Dota - Sarapiqui - Monteverde: On this route Birdwatchers will explore two different Cloud Forests in Costa Rica (Cerro de la Muerte and Monteverde), and a Rain Forest (Sarapiqui).
  • Monteverde - Palo Verde - Carara: On this route Birdwatchers will explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest and the National Park Palo Verde, which is a swamp. Also a completely different landscape at the dry forest of Carara National Park located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

To see pictures of the most beautiful birds in Costa Rica that you can see on your visit to the country, please visit Banana Adventure Tours on Facebook.


Written by Caro Goodfellow

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