Costa Rica is a small beautiful country located in Central America. It borders with Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the South, the Caribbean Sea to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Historicaly, the economy of Costa Rica has been based on agriculture, first with the famous golden bean (Coffee) and bananas, and now with a more diversified agriculture including pineapple, and melons. In recent years, the government has bet on tourism, especially ecotourism taking advantage of the great natural wonder and biodiversity of the country. Because of its size, it is very easy to see and feel a change in temperature and landscape in just a few hours.


Facts About Costa Rica

•Capital (and largest city): San José

•Number of Provinces: 7 (Alajuela, San Jose, Heredia, Cartago, Limon, Puntarenas and Guanacaste)

•Area: 51.100 km2

•Official Language: Spanish

•Government: Democracy

•Population: 4,133,884 (2007 estimate)

•Currency: Costa Rican Colón - Exchange rate

•Temperature: At the Central Valley it ranges from 17° C to 24° C.

•Highest Point: Mount Chirripo with 3.810 meters above sea level


Written by Caro Goodfellow

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