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    Yoga, beach and forest immersion tour

    Feeling good with time becomes a life style, and we always look for activities and experiences that enrich our world and make us feel alive and vital. Coming to Costa Rica is a great way to look for options that will make live a new and exciting experience and introduce yourself to a new surrounding and an unforgettable vacation.

    There are many yoga retreats in Costa Rica. You may find very good and different places to spend a week or so practicing yoga, eating good and healthy food, and experiencing a day by day full inmersion in nature. You may choose yoga retreats in the mountaina or at the beach, or you can find one that has a perfecto conbimation of lush green forest full of wildlife and a brown sand beach to relax and take some sun.

    This Costa Rica Spiritual Tour package is part of a carefully chosen collection of spiritual destinies specially for people who have a special life style and that would like to continue with it during vacations.


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    Caribbean Yoga Retreat Package

    Day 1 - Arrive to San Jose, rest and prepare for your spiritual adventure



    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 2 - Leave toward Tortuguero canals, if you are lucky you may see sea turtles




    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 3 - Visit to Tortuguero Canals and Tortuguero National Park. Yoga in the afternoon



    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 4 - Boat ride down to Cahuita and Puerto Viejo area, yoga at the beach


    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 5 - Yoga time. Be amazed by the wild life at Cahuita National Park and relax at the beach


    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 6 - Visit to the indigenoues reserve of Bri Bri


    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 7 - Chocolate Tour, relax and meditate, take some sun


    What to bring:

    • Confortable clothes

    Day 8 - Transfer back to San Jose


    Intense Yoga Retreat Package

    If you prefer to enjoy a intense yoga retreat at the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, we offer you a 8 day package of yoga at the beach, meditation and hiking on the forest with a intense experience of reconnecting to nature. It is a great way to live a transformative experience in the middle of the forest and close to the beach.



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  • Spiritual Tourism

    Enrich your soul



    As a way to quite the soul and find a place to rest with healthy food, meditation, yoga or a soft exercise, in a beautiful natural setting, we look for options that will match our life style.

    You are probably one of those people that are looking for something more, a responsible travel that will give a continuance to you style of life. We offer a great variety of options all under a common standard of a positive thinking and a special consciousness about the environment and the body.

    There is an option for everyone, you may combine a relaxing time with some adventure. The main core of your vacations will be natural healthy food, with vegetarian or vegan options, yoga sessions and amazing beautiful forests and beaches.

    Costa Rica is growing on spiritual travelling, which is different from religious traveling. Religious traveling has to do with a certain religion, and it involves peregrinations or devotion to a religious figure. Spiritual traveling is about healthy and responsible way of experiencing the world.


    Some of the most common spiritual travelling activities are:

    • Yoga. There are many different week long retreats in Costa Rica
    • Surf. A combination of surf and yoga retreats.
    • Meditation
    • Healing Chakras therapy
    • Hiking and other outdoor activities
    • Healthy food cuisine
    • Temazcal
    • Among others


    Banana Adventure Tour can help you include some of these spiritual experiences in your vacation. Write us and let us know how you want your vacation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Spiritual Travel Costa Rica



    Renovating your energy and health

    Veggy food

    More than health tourism, spiritual tourism will also help you reestablish your physical, psychological and spiritual health. Most people associate the word “healing” with only physical care; however, healing is also about improving your health in many levels, including of course the physical level, but also the psychological and spiritual one.

    Our travel circuits are made for you to experience a good combination of adventure and spirituality, where you can develop your intuition and connect your mind and body in the present now and here. Intuition is an insight that comes to you without reasoning or analysis.

    Also, during your vacation you may choose to do volunteer work and to share experiences with local people on small communities. It is a way to practice compassion and respect with all people. It is worth mentioning that compassion is not pity, agreement, or a waiving of your rights, it is open your hearts to people you care about. Compassion reflects the wisdom that everything is related to everything else, and it naturally draws you into feeling more connected with all things.

    Compassion also can incline you to helpful action, as many studies have shown.