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    Costa Rica Adventure

    Costa Rica has so much to offer. It is a tropical country located in Central America. It has both coasts: Pacific and Caribbean. It also has many active volcanoes, great mountains, lush green forests and swamps. It is truly a place to enjoy family adventures and high adrenaline adventures.

    There are so many types of adventure activities to do. That makes Costa Rica a never end place of fun. There are canopy tours (zip lining) located in every region of the country; also canyonning and rappel tours on beautiful waterfalls, white water rafting (different intensity from Class I to Class IV - V), ATV (four wheelers), bungee jumping, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing, horseback riding, and hiking among many others. If you want low intensity adventure, you may enjoying the forests, biodiversity, volcanoes and hot springs. If you would like to try high intensity adventure involving white water rafting, canyonning and bungee jumping, Costa Rica is the place to be.

    There are many ways to combine the activities in your vacations and enjoy a little bit of everything. Costa Rica is a small country, which allows visitors to experience many touristic locations in a relatively short time. Crossing the countryside west to east will take around 6 hours, but there are so many activities to experience that you will want to have time to stay in one place for at least a little while.

    If you are thinking of trying some adrenaline activities, there are some places that are relatively better than others. For white water rafting, the top most visited river in the country is Pacuare River (class III -IV), tours leaving from San Jose, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca or La Fortuna. On the other hand, Monteverde is the best place to experience the Canopy tour although in other areas of the country there are great canopy tours.

    Costa Rica is a great place for family vacations, and adventure family tours. In such a small territory you may find so many different things to do safely and have a lot of fun sharing quality time with family and friends.


    High intensity and adrenaline activities

    Costa Rica offers also a choice for those who want to experience high intensity and adrenaline activities, such as bungee jumping, white water kayaking, hot air balloon, kite surfing, Standing Up Paddling, high intensity mountain biking, and extreme hiking. Banana Adventure Tours only works with the best tour operators in the country, and we make sure that all permits and security measures are taken care of and in order as the country laws and international quality policies set up the extreme sports.


    Costa Rica is great on Adventure Tours:

    1. Canopy or Ziplinning
    2. Ocean or Mangrove Kayak
    3. Four Wheeler or ATV
    4. Standing Up Paddling (SUP)
    5. Canyonning
    6. Tubbing


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    ATV Tour Costa Rica

    Hanging bridges Costa Rica - Monteverde

      Written by Caro Goodfellow

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    Extreme Activities in Costa Rica


    Go extreme in Costa Rica

    Standing Up Paddling (SUP) is a new activity that can be enjoyed in Costa Rica. There are only a few companies that offer this activity, including on in Lake Arenal, Playa Carrillo, Playa Samara and Jaco. It is a paddle sport, rooted in the Polynesian culture, which includes a special kind of board and a paddle; the person stands up on the board and enjoys the exercise while maintaining the equilibrium.

    Bungee Jumping is one of the extreme activities that can be done in Costa Rica. There are three different places where you can try this rush of adrenaline: Jaco beach with a specially made platform (it was before in Arenal, La Fortuna), Naranjo bridge (the closest to San Jose), and one in Monteverde. The three of them are very different, the first one is on the beach, the second one is on the mountains close to the capital of the country, and the third one is located in the middle of the cloud forest.

    Paraglading is yet another extreme activity in Costa Rica. The most popular location is on "Nido de Aguilas" (Eagle´s Nest) on Caldera, close to Puntarenas City, and Turrialba, close to the Turrialba Volcano. People who want to try this activity just have to go to the place (or previously arrange the tour) and settle a jump accompanied with a professional. Normally, this activity is not that expensive compared to others.

    It is possible to see Costa Rica on a Hot Air Balloon flight. There is just one company that offers this activity, and they have flights over Arenal Volcano, with low and slow drifting, over rain forests or mountain villages and the tops of giant trees. It is a magical experience that will truly change the way you know Costa Rica. As they say, the Hot Air Balloon flight will give you a time to fly low over nearby rivers, fields, and forests, to play with the clouds, to frolic with the birds, and to laugh with the animals.

    For the extreme adventurist, Kite Surfing is a great activity. Kite surfing can be done in Bahia Salinas on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. It is one of the best places to practice this sport, because of its constant winds (November to May), and beautiful landscapes. You can combine adventure and relaxing time on the beach any time, or you can build your own set of extreme sport activities. If you don´t have experience, they have a kite surfing class, and they offer the whole equipment.

    Canyoning, one of the adventure sports offered in La Fortuna and Rincon de la Vieja, is great for beginners who want to feel the adrenaline rush on amazing surroundings. There are two places in Arenal, one in Rincon de la Vieja, and another one in San Ramon. However, the best one and the one that has more different drops is the Pure Trek Tour in Arenal. It has 5 Rappels (4 waterfalls and 1 rock wall) in a rainforest. Also a time for hiking on beautiful trails in the canyon between rappels.