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    BANANA ADVENTURE TOURS is a travel agency and tour operator located in San Jose, Costa Rica. We have been on the travel business for more than 15 years and we do know the wonders of Costa Rica and how to offer you the best possible option to visit many interesting sites, live a wonderful experience and fall in love with the country all in your vacation time.

    We believe than more than having a nice vacation, a trip is an opportunity to open your world and your mind, to live unique experiences that will go with you longer than any object or thing that you may get as a souvenir.

    Costa Rica is a small country, but it offers so many activities and landscapes, all that can be done between 7 to 15 days, at least to have a good understanding of the culture and the people that live here. Costa Rica is MORE than its biodiversity, it is a country of peace with no army, and a colorful culture that have been hiding from our visitors. We invite you to experience it.

    Our main goal is for you to have a wonderful vacation, and not to worry about the planning details and logistics. You just have to tell us what you want and we will make sure you have everything you ask for and more. Our service is our main flag, and our clients our most important asset.

    We are most than an online travel agency, we are a small group of people committed to our business and our clients. My name is Carolina Goodfellow and I will be in charge of your vacation. Contact me to my e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know what you want. 


    Get to know us before your trip, please visit our Facebook Fan Page - Facebook/BananaAdventureTours -, ask our past clients and ask us all the questions you need. 

    Create your own customized tour! Please check Custom and Family Designed Adventure Tours.

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    Costa Rica Pura Vida


  • Adventure Travel in Costa Rica - Pura Vida!


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    Take some time for yourself, your family and friends and come to Costa Rica to enjoy an adventure that you will never forget. Banana Adventure Tours offers different tour packages for a wide range of budgets and requirements; customer tailor adventure is our specialty! Traveling is something that will give you the best memories to remember good times and great experiences. Choose a combination of adventure tours and relaxing places to experience nature in its purest state.

    Costa Rica is definitely your best travel destination this year!

    Call us through Skype (CHAMITART), write a message via our online chat, or just write to our WhatsApp +506 85201243 and one of our representative will answer all your questions in real time.

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    Spiritual Travel Costa Rica



    Renovating your energy and health

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    More than health tourism, spiritual tourism will also help you reestablish your physical, psychological and spiritual health. Most people associate the word “healing” with only physical care; however, healing is also about improving your health in many levels, including of course the physical level, but also the psychological and spiritual one.

    Our travel circuits are made for you to experience a good combination of adventure and spirituality, where you can develop your intuition and connect your mind and body in the present now and here. Intuition is an insight that comes to you without reasoning or analysis.

    Also, during your vacation you may choose to do volunteer work and to share experiences with local people on small communities. It is a way to practice compassion and respect with all people. It is worth mentioning that compassion is not pity, agreement, or a waiving of your rights, it is open your hearts to people you care about. Compassion reflects the wisdom that everything is related to everything else, and it naturally draws you into feeling more connected with all things.

    Compassion also can incline you to helpful action, as many studies have shown.